Bliss is the essence of your own Being

Livia (Priyaa) Suver

Livia (Priyaa) Suver

Since her early teens Livia had a deep yearning to live her highest spiritual and human potential. Her intense practice and studying of yoga sciences started in Europe in 1980.

After leaving her legal corporate career and moving to Canada in 1992, Livia continued with extensive yoga practice and training. In 1996 she was certified through the Yoga Centre of Calgary.

In 1997 Livia was introduced to Svaroopa®Yoga, created by Swami Nirmalananda (formerly Rama), and began training in Svaroopa®Yoga since 1999.

Livia is a certified Svaroopa® Yoga teacher (CSYT) through Master Yoga Foundation with over 700 hours of training. Her credentials include Advance training Courses, Embodyment®, Treating Pain, Yoga Therapy for Neck & Shoulders, and Vichara (yogic self-inquiry). Besides weekly classes, Livia is also offering Prenatal yoga, Half-Day Workshops, Philosophy Discussion groups and chanting, as well as private one on one sessions.

After her travels to India Livia’s spiritual experiences have unfolded and deepened exponentially. The lifelong commitment to learning (and sometimes “unlearning”) and evolving is fueled by her dharma to be in service to humanity, while committed to her own enlightenment.

Livia is known for her genuine, caring approach and warm presence she brings into every class and every session, along with a skill of keen precision.

Livia’s passion and commitment to helping others to re-discover and live their own divine essence, is guided by her life purpose she dedicated herself to as a Yoga Teacher and transformational Life Coach. 

She is also a member of SVA, YAA and an active volunteer at Isha Foundation – a worldwide organization dedicated to raising human consciousness, inner transformation  towards one’s liberation.


“Yoga promises that you will know yourself to the deepest and fullest extend, recognizing your own divinity and seeing it in everyone and everything else.” – Swami Nirmalananda