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YOGA in 2018

Winter (Segment A) : Jan 16 – March 12 (8wks)
Spring (Segment B)  : Mar 13 – May 7 (8wks)
Spring/Summer (Segment C)  : May 8 – July 2 (8 wks)
Summer (Segment D) : dates TBA in spring (4 wks)
Fall (Segment E) : Sept 3 – Oct 24 (8 wks)
Fall/Winter (Segment F) : Oct 29 – Dec 12 (7 wks)

Svaroopa@Basics  –  Mondays : 7:00-8:30 PM
                                      or Wednesdays: 10:00-11:30 AM
Deeper yoga             –  Tuesdays: 7:00-9:00 PM (or 10:00am-12:00pm)
Intro/Continuing   –  Wednesdays: 7:00-8:30 PM

Due to a small size groups (4-5 people) we will be able to switch either times or/and days of weekly sessions if needed.
However, one has to be registered and pay for the segment before such adjustment can be made.

INVESTMENT           (additional transaction charges apply when making a payment online)
Deeper yoga: 8 week segment (A,B,C and E) – $200 per segment
                           7 week segment (F) – $175
                           4 week segment (D)- $100

Deeper Yoga

Svaroopa@Basics or Intro/Continuing Yoga:
                          8 week segment – $184
                          7 week segment –  $161
                          4 week segment –  $ 92

Svaroopa(R)Basics or Intro/Continuing

Prior to your registration, please call 403-608-1606 to get an update on availability of the class you are interested in attending.
*Schedule is subject to change

DEEPER  Yoga – is for yogis who have been attending Svaroopa® classes for at least 2 years and have established consistent home practice. Those who have done yoga in other styles are welcome too.
INTRO/CONTINUING – class accommodates beginners, as well as continuing yogis at a intermediate level.
SVAROOPA(R)BASICS – is tailored for new starters to become familiar with the basics and foundational principles of Svaroopa(R) yoga in a gentle and supportive way.

PRENATAL YOGA – is designed to make expecting mothers more comfortable during pregnancy; preparing for an easier and faster labor and delivery, and to speed up her recovery. Prenatal Yoga is offered only in private one-on-one sessions format. Please call 403-608-1606 for more details, or to book your 30 min complimentary consultation.

*Private yoga and small group classes at Shakti Yoga offer you personalized attention and customization for your needs and goals.
Call 403-608-1606 to reserve your spot.


  • Arrive few minutes early before class starts, to set up your props and settle in.
  • Please refrain from scented products when attending class. Observe a good hygiene.
  • Turn off your wireless devices and phones before class start.
  • If sick, please stay home and make up class another time. 

PRIVATE SESSIONS are for you if you:

  • are new to Svaroopa®Yoga but not ready or comfortable in class
  • travel and can’t make regular classes
  • have a current injury, pain or issue that needs extra care
  • need additional and more detailed help in poses taught in class
  • start or deepen existing home practice
  • committed to self care

Prepaid Membership for Private One on One Sessions
6 months Membership Investment: $1700 / 90 min sessions once a week for 24 weeks
10 months (a year) Membership Investment: $2000 / 90 min sessions once a week for 40 weeks (with summer off) – best deal with 50% off the regular value
Private sessions are the combination of private yoga, yoga therapy and coaching.              

Private Yoga/Therapy Packages
Single session – $95

5   Private sessions Package – $450
10 Private sessions Package – $850



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