Bliss is the essence of your own Being

Special Programs – Empower yourself with the tools that you can apply to your yoga practice and daily life.
As a special addition, Shakti Yoga is offering:

Yoga Insight Circle  and  Chanting

to help you deepen your yoga practice and accelerate your expansion in Consciousness

Mom2YOGA INSIGHT CIRCLE ( Yoga Philosophy Discussion Group ) 

holds a sacred space to support and nurture your own inner wisdom, revelations and deep insights, unfolding in the process. The purpose of these yoga community gatherings is to make the ancient yoga teachings available to you. You will have an opportunity to communicate your insights, opinions and views on various topics, facilitated in a discussion format. You will leave the session inspired and empowered with easy to apply tools and a road map that will help you to navigate your daily life consciously with clarity and focus, in a yogic way.
Fridays: 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Donations are greatly appreciated and accepted to support underprivileged children or elderly in various parts of the world.
Suggested donations: $5 – $20
You are also warmly invited to join the chanting prior to the Yoga Insight Circle, taking place from 6:30 – 7:00pm.
Prior confirmation of your attendance is required. Please call: 403-608-1606

YOGA of CHANTING                         

“Works on the intermediate level between body and self. That intermediate level is known by another name – mind. The mantras, sanskrit mantras, set up a vibration in the mind that is exactly opposite to the vibrations that create tightening. Chanting unravels the mental tensions that create the physical tensions, and attunes your mind to consciousness. Twenty minutes of chanting is worth about sixty minutes of asana.
Asana is still needed because you cannot provide everything the body needs on the physical plane by working at the more subtle levels of mind and mantra. If you could, then you wouldn’t need food, shelter, or deodorant. Your body still needs some physical care.
Chanting is more powerful than poses. It particularly helps with the reprogramming conditions your mind to consciousness. In this way you can learn to live so that your body and mind are both conditioned to consciousness – the perfect expression of the perfect reality that is your true identity.”
 — Swami Nirmalananda.
In a new year chanting and the Yoga Insight Circle will be combined.

Winter (segment A): Friday, Jan 12 &26, Feb 9 & 23 – 6:30-8:30 PM

Prior confirmation of your attendance is required. Please call: 403-608-1606