Bliss is the essence of your own Being

Welcome to Shakti Yoga Calgary, specializing in Svaroopa® Yoga.


“Yoga promises that you will know yourself to the deepest and fullest extend, recognizing your own divinity and seeing it in everyone and everything else.” -Swami Nirmalananda

SVAROOPA® YOGA is consciousness oriented yoga unravelling the deep-seated layers of tension in your body and mind for healing, transformation, and illuminative inner experience of your own divine essence, which is the goal of all yoga.

This inner core opening is accomplished with the use of props, precise alignments and hands-on adjustments to release the tensions in the deepest muscles along the spine.

This sequencing of spinal release begins with the tailbone as a pivotal point and then carrying the changes through the sacrum, lumbar vertebrae and the rest of the way up the spine through the shoulders and neck.

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“SUPPORT EQUALS RELEASE’ is one of the messages I have taken away from 10 years of Shakti Yoga. Not only on the physical level is it a great reminder. It also helps me to give as well as to receive in every other aspect of life.”
~ Birte Bergman

“Svaroopa Yoga Therapy has been a highly valuable approach to managing my migraine and stress headaches. Overlap healing has been a powerful technique to reduce the frequency of the headaches and to effectively relieve the pain without the need for medication. A therapy session can leave one feeling as relaxed as a week’s vacation! Livia has administered the therapy with knowledgeability, sincere interest, and gentle encouragement. I am optimistic that in continuing my home practice, I will eliminate my problem-headaches altogether.”
~ Monika