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VICHARA  (Self-Inquiry) – Yoga for the Mind

There is no single thought passing through your mind that is not affecting your body.

 Old conditioning colors our motivations and behavioral patterns. Some of these mental patterns can be extremely harmful, destructive and detrimental to our bodies and overall health.

90% of physiological problems and symptoms are directly linked to our thoughts. And this is when Vichara can be the best tool to apply in order to dissolve these hard wired mental blockages that we may be stuck with for decades or even longer.

VICHARA is a yogic self-inquiry, a simple, effective and easy remedy for working with the mind directly. It helps to trace old limiting beliefs to their source for unraveling and rewiring them.

Just like precise angles in Svaroopa yoga poses are” laser beaming” into the most tight areas and spots in the body for release and healing, the Vichara works in a similar way.  It targets the “tight spots” in the mind and emotions for releasing them quickly, effectively and compassionately.

This “shining the light”, looking into and dissolving old mental structures that are not serving  us any longer, results in a profound sense of relief, clarity and happiness. It is a process of exploring inward, to uncover those hidden blind spots in the mind and emotions, for reflection, growth and inner expansion. With “mind rewiring” and newly created pathways, the angle of focus shifts and  the grip of mental clutter disintegrates into a deeper knowing (beyond the mind) and expanded state of beingness.

There is no shame, blame or judgement involved in this process. Only pure awareness.

As a result of direct body and mind connection, you will also be able to notice more openness and change in your body.

Vichara enables you to include your mind in the process of inner opening that Svaroopa® poses provide. It is a great opportunity to work with the mind in a whole new way, serving as a catalyst for accessing your inner answers and deeper truth. The old stagnant, outdated programs running the mind are replaced with a fresh yogic perspective, inner freedom and expansiveness. You come out from a session feeling empowered, resilient and more grounded on all levels. Your approach and relation to life, self and others will take on a whole new dimension and meaning.

Vichara – Yoga for the mind, is extremely valuable and truly life changing.

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