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SUPPORT EQUALS RELEASE’ is one of the messages I have taken away from 10 years of Shakti Yoga. Not only on the physical level is it a great reminder. It also helps me to give as well as to receive in every other aspect of life.

~ Birte Bergman

Livia is very knowledgeable and patient. Svaroopa®yoga has considerably relieved the stress in my life by practicing what I have learned. The classes are very beneficial in relieving the day to day stress we all have and they give you a general feeling of well-being.

In Yoga Therapy I was treated for pain in left hip, pelvic area and down leg. My experience was very rewarding and beneficial. It relieved the pain I was suffering along with de-stressing me. I no long have pain and feel very good.

~ Catherine Rowland

Yoga has helped me on so many levels. My back and neck problems has improved immensely. As long as I do yoga, I keep them healthy. Best of all, if I do overwork or strain, I can use Svaroopa®yoga to open up again. That’s the physical part. The spiritual and mental part has been immense over the past 10 years.

This yoga has given me strength to flow through some very difficult life issues, parents, deaths of loved ones, divorce, dealing with difficult people. Most of all I have found and keep finding my true Self. The whole world needs the science of yoga, no matter what they believe in.

Livia is always teaching from her heart. She is a dedicated teacher who has made a difference in my life. I have a great amount of gratitude to her style of teaching. She truly cares as a yogi for each of her students. She lives in service. She is practical, inspirational and I am blessed to have studied with her. Livia is a true yogi living in the real world.

~ J. H.

The Miracle of Yoga Therapy Each one of us has the power to create miracles in our lives. We get to choose. I have studied Svaroopa yoga with Livia for quite a few years now. The gift of yoga is part of my life.

Earlier this past year I took a fall and noticed I had a very sore hip joint and piriformis muscle. My neck was constantly hurting. I continued to use yoga to work through and alleviate the pain and stiffness. I had x-rays, went to the chiropractor and had some massage. Ow those pressure points! I quit going to the chiropractor as I got more relief from practising yoga.

Then I signed up for yoga therapy over the summer with Livia. I have just had my 3rd session and my neck and hip pain have finally been relieved in a gentle, subtle way. The difference is amazing!

It is absolutely true that just one session is like having a number of class sessions. After each session I have felt so much more open in my body, full of energy – almost like I have had a terrific night’s sleep, and more creative. I sing in the car all the way home. Literally. I am a singer so I notice a particular freedom in my voice after each session.

Livia’s yoga therapy sessions allow you to go deeper into our familiar poses with more support than ever. More support truly equals release. You get to experience the healing touch and precise adjustments given by Livia. The process is interesting and allows you to go inward on a much deeper level and incorporate it into your daily practice. There is no pressure point pain but all areas of the body are released. Neck and shoulders feel great. In the yoga therapy, Livia is a catalyst facilitating the healing power that is in each of us. This is time I have taken for myself and my yoga journey. I would recommend this for everyone even if you are pain free. Who knows what miracles will occur?

~ Judy H., Calgary

I am a senior and I’ve been a student of Livia’s for the past eight years. My flexibility and stamina have enabled me to take care of my two grandchildren since they were babies for three full days a week. Now I drive them to school and pick them up and I also volunteer twice a week at their school helping Grade 1 students learn to read, which is not only a satisfying experience but is a lot of fun. “Hello Alex’s Grandma”, said one little girl to me a couple of weeks ago, “You are the happiest grandma I’ve ever seen. Are you happy every day?” I had to admit I am. Thank you Livia!

~ Kathleen D

Svaroopa Yoga Therapy has been a highly valuable approach to managing my migraine and stress headaches. Overlap healing has been a powerful technique to reduce the frequency of the headaches and to effectively relieve the pain without the need for medication. A therapy session can leave one feeling as relaxed as a week’s vacation! Livia has administered the therapy with knowledgeability, sincere interest, and gentle encouragement. I am optimistic that in continuing my home practice, I will eliminate my problem-headaches altogether.

~ Monika

I have attended Livia’s classes for close to 10 years and for good reason. Yoga has been enormously beneficial to me in multiple ways and on multiple levels: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga has helped me to become much more aware of where I hold tension in my body and in my mind so that I can relax those areas and become more open. I’ve learned to use breathing technique to reduce general anxiety and to improve overall wellbeing. The contemplations that are offered are thought-provoking. Livia’s devotion to her practice and to Svaroopa Yoga are inspiring. I’m very grateful for all that I have learned and experienced through Livia’s teaching, and I look forward to progressively deepening changes through more yoga.

~ Namaste, Monika S

It turned out that after 2 decades of backpain, it is actually possible for me to be pain-free, thanks to Livia, Embodyment sessions and “The Magic Four”. I can unload the dishwasher without pain, and long distance driving gets easier too. It all has helped me tremendously already and I still have 7 sessions to go! Thanks so much Livia! Glad the Universe brought us together and I will spread the word!

~ Norja Vanderelst, Web Designer, Canmore AB

At a recent check-up at the rheumatologist, the doctor noted a real improvement in my back, and asked if I had been doing special exercises. “Just yoga” I replied.

~ Sue B