Bliss is the essence of your own Being

HALF – DAY Workshops, Saturday – 1:30 am – 5:00 pm
Winter 2018


Jan 20 –  Bliss Workshop – Returning to the essence of your own Being
It’s all about bliss, tapping into the deep and delicious recesses of Being to experience directly what we are made of. Poses selected precisely, aligned and propped meticulously will facilitate spinal release and deep core opening. This core (spine) opening that is so unique to Svaroopa®yoga is meant to give you what yoga promises, the experience of Svaroopa – Bliss of your own Being. As the angles in poses will “beam” into your spine (conduit of Consciousness), you will ease naturally and organically inward to your innermost essence, as well as open up to the bliss all around you. No prior experience required.


Feb 17 – Unfolding into Inner Stillness with Forward Bends   

Forward bends in Svaroopa(R) yoga are known for their profoundly calming and soothing effect, quieting your mind, clearing emotional residues in a gentle way, while rejuvenating you physically, mentally and emotionally. Most of the forward bending poses give you an experience of opening into the blissfulness and stillness of your being, therefore also conducive as a preparation for meditation. You will leave this workshop not only feeling peaceful, content and more alive, but you also take with you a new learned skill how to sequence forward bending poses for your home practice, in a simple, easy and effective way.


Mar 24 – Embrace Spring with an open body and clear mind (Pawanmuktasana series)

Pawan-means air, mukta-means to free or liberate. Pawanmukta means you are freeing air from joints, air which had been trapped in there due to a muscle tension. The main idea behind these yoga poses-Pawanmuktasanas is to provide suppleness in the areas of body joints and remove the hardness of the muscles, gently stretching all joints in the body in all directions. Through increased range of movement you will learn to live in a more flexible and open body and mind.These movements are excellent for people suffering from rheumatic arthritis, high blood pressure, or for people with heart problems.

We will approach Pawanmuktasanas form Svaroopa® yoga perspective with the spine in mind as being the core of body. Pawanmuktasanas can be practiced by anyone: young, old, those in good health, and those in poor health. As you will discover, these are not challenging postures, but they should be respected due to the great value they bring. No previous experience is necessary.

Half – Day Workshops

Investment: $ 70 per workshop        (Additional charges apply when making a payment online)

Half-Day Workshops, Winter 2018

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