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Pain, chronic or acute can be debilitating factor for all areas of life. Besides Fibromyalgia or Migraine, many other diagnosed conditions can find a great deal of release by using Svaroopa®Yoga therapy tools.

Private therapy sessions are custom- designed to your specific needs and physical condition. Livia will discuss the session format with you, and decide together on how to structure a series of sessions for long lasting improvement.

From many Svaroopa therapy tools Livia will custom select yoga poses, propping, alignments and adjustments for maximum benefits and best results.
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“It all begins at the tailbone”. The tension begins at the tailbone and that tension triggers a domino effect through the body and all the way up including neck & shoulders. Neck & shoulder problems are a symptom not a problem. This is a reason why the treatment of neck & shoulders alone is not effective and long lasting. The root of the neck & shoulders is the tail bone, the base of the neck is the heart. As soon as your tailbone releases, and the changes are carried in stages up the spine through the ribcage, neck & shoulder problems disappear. “It all begins at the tailbone”. Therapy for Neck & Shoulders ends the pain and dissolves the neck & shoulder problems with the spinal decompression which we call Core opening.
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“The Miracle of Yoga Therapy”

“Livia’s yoga therapy sessions allow you to go deeper into our familiar poses with more support than ever. More support truly equals release. You get to experience the healing touch and precise adjustments given by Livia. The process is interesting and allows you to go inward on a much deeper level and incorporate it into your daily practice. There is no pressure point pain but all areas of the body are released. Neck and shoulders feel great. In the yoga therapy, Livia is a catalyst facilitating the healing power that is in each of us. This is time I have taken for myself and my yoga journey. I would recommend this for everyone even if you are pain free. Who knows what miracles will occur?” (see testimonial page for more)
~ Judy H., Calgary
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Vichara is a yogic self –inquiry process, giving you the tools to work with your mind, helping to trace mental and emotional patterns and difficulties to their source. Vichara helps to clear old and often destructive mental patterns, creating clarity and ease. Just as Svaroopa® yoga poses help to release tensions in the body, Vichara targets the tight spots in the mind and emotions for releasing them quickly, effectively and compassionately. Read more here
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Is one –on-one customized private instruction to help you develop a home practice, based on your condition and specific needs. In a session, Livia will answer your questions about alignments in poses and review your home practice.

INVESTMENT (Yoga Therapy, Embodyment(R), Vichara or Private One-on-One Yoga session)

Single session: $95

5 sessions package: $450 – payable at first session – pre-paid in full
10 sessions package: $850 – payable at first session – pre-paid in full

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Please note, that a prior complimentary 30 min consultation is required before starting your therapy program. You can fill your information into my pop up Appointment calendar, or contact me directly at 403-608-1606.


NOTE: It is highly recommended to book at least 10 Therapy sessions to get the best and long lasting results. (back to top)